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MS BEANZ     Canine Lymphoma Remission

In June of 2017 my precious pup, Beanz, was diagnosed with lymphoma. I was devastated – she was only 9 years old! Desperate to do anything and everything to save her, I followed the protocol set out by our vet and went to see an oncologist. The plan was to start with chemo and see how she does. I was told this type of cancer does not respond well to chemo for very long – maybe 45-60 days - and then we’d have to try a stronger type. My girl was given a prognosis of “uncurable” – the oncologist said this cancer will not go away. We would try our best to extend her life, but 6 months was the average life expectancy for this type of cancer. She had her first round of chemo that day – I wasn’t going to waste any time.


The side effects of the chemo were not only concerning for my dog but for her humans as well. Aside from listlessness, no appetite and stomach issues with her, we had to be sure not to touch any of her bodily fluids for 2-3 days after chemo. She wasn’t looking good when we started the chemo, but putting that into her body made her absolutely miserable. We did two rounds of chemo before I decided her quality of life was not what she deserved. I decided to try a holistic approach. If she was only going to with us a few months, I was determined to make them the happiest months of her life.

I started with a homeopathic vet. She put Beanz on probiotics, Chinese herbs and home-made food, rich in protein and dark green leafy vegetables. Beanz was basically put on a keto diet because cancer loves carbs! I asked the holistic vet about cannabis to fight cancer – she told me she as a licensed vet she was prohibited from speaking about cannabis as any part of the treatment but encouraged me to research it on my own. I had read so many positive things about it, I set out to find out more information. I wanted my girl to have the best chance of survival – and I knew she had more than 6 months left in her.

I had seen some posts from Joe and MJS Wellness on Facebook and decided to send him a message. I simply asked, can you tell me what type of cannabis treatment I can give my dog for lymphoma? I didn’t get a message back, I got a phone call. Joe asked if I would be around that evening, he wanted to stop by and talk to me about cannabis and what it can do for Beanz. Joe lived about 90 miles north of me but was willing to drive down and meet with me so that all my questions could be answered.

He showed up that evening with resources and samples. He answered every question I had, and I had a lot of them!  He showed me how to administer sublingual and topical solutions. He showed me statistics about cancer in pets. He shared so many success stories with me! When he left that evening (after almost 2 hours!) I was comfortable starting Beanz on cannabis and optimistic that my girl ‘s health would improve.

Fast forward to March 2019 – that’s almost 2 years post diagnosis – and Beanz looks healthier than I have ever seen her! She has energy, a vigorous appetite and no signs of slowing down! I cannot tell you how happy I am to have discovered MJS Wellness products, and to have met Joe. He is in this to help people (and pets) – that is obvious from the minute you meet him. He is very quick to respond to my questions.


MJS Wellness has given us something money cannot buy – time. Time with our precious pup that modern medicine had pretty much given up on. Beanz is still here and as happy as can be. And I have Joe and MJS Wellness to thank for that.


Kristin Koeleman

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Coco is an 8.5 year old Catahoula, epileptic since May 2015. Started CBD Daily June 2016, now 36 months seizure-free and thriving.  MJS CBD Daily is awesome. I have done hours of research and I'm convinced that  CBD Daily offers the most efficient bioavailability for epileptic dogs. We also eliminated the phenobarbitol prescribed by our Vet. We are so thankful that we found MJ's CBD Daily. 

All the best, Jill and Coco 

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