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Discover a Part of You... Kept Apart from You... 

 Your Endocannabinoid System DanielOrepeza.

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Project CBD was founded with the vision of demystifying information about cannabis medicine and therapeutics. By bringing clarity and healing via content that is easy to understand and utilize, we aim to create a world where cannabis empowers people to take an active role in their health. We work tirelessly to become the world’s leading cannabis educational resource.


We felt that the reintroduction of CBD-rich cannabis into the grassroots supply merited special attention. The serendipitous reappearance of whole plant CBD in Northern California in 2009 has given doctors and patients a unique opportunity to evaluate the effects of cannabidiol.


Project CBD:

  • Updates doctors and patients on developments in cannabis science, therapeutics and political economy.

  • Supports the efforts of physicians and other researchers to collect, aggregate, and publish data from patients to determine patterns of CBD efficacy—or lack of efficacy.

  • Conducts training workshops for health workers and dispensary staff on the benefits and challenges of CBD-rich therapeutics and ways to maximize interactions with patients.

  • Maintains a CBD Locator Map to highlight storefronts and delivery services that provide high quality CBD-rich medicine.

  • Publishes a free online newsletter and co-produces Cannabis Conversations, an educational video series.

  • Reviews and reports on CBD-rich strains and products.

  • Refutes the slander that medical marijuana is “a front for stoners.”


We emphasize CBD not to privilege one cannabinoid compound over another but to challenge the idea that cannabis equals THC. THC is a remarkable molecule in its own right, but THC is not the whole plant, and neither is CBD. Project CBD defends and supports whole plant cannabis therapeutics.

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