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The following testimonials were provided by clients of MJ'S Therapeutic Brands. MJ'S makes no claims to the following statements or descriptions. These are 3rd party clients and their personal stories who treated themselves with the MJ'S Protocols.
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Sami Stewart Age 16 Childhood Leukemia


Sam was diagnosed at the age of

thirteen The first 30 days she withered away, loosing

30 lbs in a month and vomiting 30 times a day. Nothing would stop the

vomiting until we tried MJS, after the first dose, Sam stopped throwing up, zero times in the first 24 hrs. Once more  than we realized it was the MJ'S; within a short time she gained back her weight and grew her hair back as well.


Today Sam is 22 yrs old and a collega graduate still living her best life.


MJ’S help save my

daughters life. She is a healthy 18 yr

old girl now enjoying her teenage years.

MJ’S Works. Mother, Sheri Stewart

Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Metastatic

Thirty two day reduction of enlarged lymph in neck with the MJ'S Protocol

Sues Before.jpg

Acute Myeloid Leukemia Remission July 2019

Acute Myeloid Leukemia Remission   July  2019



On June 10th our lives changed drastically and unexpectedly. 

For the few weeks prior, my wife had been feeling under the weather. It wasn’t getting any better after about 3 weeks and a couple of trips to the clinic so we decided to go see her primary. 


My wife, my soul-mate, has Leukemia. Acute Myeloid Leukemia. It was as if he took the air right out of my lungs. 

They said her white blood cell count and ANC was ridiculously high (88,000 WBC and 30.2 ANC. Normal WBC is 3500-10,000 and ANC is 2.0-7.15!) and that they would have to start with light chemo meds to get her numbers down to where they could start real chemo ASAP. I started to realize what was going to happen to her and immediately remembered a friend who told me about the MJ’S cancer protocol. 


This diagnosis was on a Monday and we started the regimen Thursday evening. Immediately, her numbers dropped twice as much as they normally do with the drug they were giving her. Even the nurses said that they never saw drops like that! Her “blasts”, which are the immature pre-cancer cells, started at 24% (in normal blood they should be less than 5%) and within 3 days of taking the protocol they said they couldn’t find anymore! This too was not expected by the professionals. 

Unfortunately, the doctors were successful in scaring my wife into not taking the protocol during the 7day chemo. I panicked and called Joe. He was a blessing and calmed us down. He said it would be ok. Just start up again the second the 7 days were up. 


That is exactly what we did. Every 4 hours we administered the protocol. Every day. Twice a day, they drew blood to monitor her WBC count. The chemo is designed to completely destroy all WBC, platelets and bone marrow. About 5 days after Chemo, she had reached those levels. Her immune system was at absolute ZERO. No white cells. No marrow. No platelets. And most importantly, no blasts, but we were told they could still come back and normally do. However, the Doctors said as long as they stay under 5% of the total ANC, that it would be considered a successful chemo treatment and she could be in remission. 


We kept taking the protocol as per Joe’s orders.  After about a month in the hospital, her numbers started to rebound. Slowly her ANC and WBC counts started creeping up as did the rest of her numbers. However, to the Doctors amazement, they couldn’t find any blasts at all. Totally not expected! Even the Bone Marrow biopsy taken a week after chemo, showed ZERO BLASTS! The “professionals” were dumbfounded. Normally there are at least trace amounts of blasts. Not here. After 5 weeks in the hospital, her numbers came to the level where my wife was able to come home on July 16th, 2019. Still ZERO BLASTS. 


We aren’t out of the woods yet, as for the next few weeks we will be at the hospital for blood draws to monitor her stats and see the oncologist. I truly believe the protocol is what is keeping the cancer away and can’t wait to see her numbers over the next few weeks. 

God bless you Joe and all the warriors you have helped. We are confident we will be cured with this protocol and look forward to many more years of life. 



Anonymous     A grateful  couple.



Glioblastoma Brain Tumor July 2019


I have great news also Joe, had a scan yesterday and my oncologist and neurosurgeons in Boston told me they don't see any mass growing back. yet, which really surprised them because glioblastomas masses grow fast and Im sure you know the outcomes of this type of cancer and where as before I met you I had already given up on life. They gave me 6 months at best. Its already been 8 months . They told me whatever i was doing to keep on it and not stop. Its keeping me alive.  Thank you Joe.


Belinda Sherman

Stage 4 Lung Cancer Remission July 2019

I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last July. I started chemo and immune therapy in September along with MJS oils and topical's. There was about a 2 month delay while I had a surgery for another problem and then went back to what I started with. After a few PET scans the size of the tumor has gone from 61mm down to 33mm but the activity has gone from a SUV of 24.8 down to 4.6 and now my Doctor tells me I am in remission. Throughout the whole process I have not suffered the side effects associated with Chemo treatments. I am going to go on a maintenance program with immune therapy and MJS products to try to eliminate it completely. Without using the MJS products the cancer would still be active.


Bruce Provencher  

mark aaron crouch_edited_edited.jpg

Stage 4 Metastasized Lymphoma

Mark Aaron Crouch

We didnt know how bad his diagnosis was until two weeks ago. It has spread throughout his lymphatic system and bone marrow. He has already lost a considerable amout of weight and we need to just make him comfortable. February 2019.  

Aaron's cancer has regressed dramatically. Some of the lymph nodes in his neck are totally clear. The ones in his abdomen are much smaller than they were. We are so happy to see him improving. His Doctors are amazed at his progress. June 2019

We just heard from Aaron's Doctors regarding his new pet scan. It shows NO CANCER ANYWHERE! The Cancer has dissapeared. I wish you could of seen the first scans where it showed everywhere. It was frightening.  Aaron is now in full remission from stage 4 Lymphoma.  Thank you so much for what you do. July 2019

kathys head shot.jpg
kathys foot before.jpg

Kathy Fernandez   

CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

kathys foot after.jpg

Kathy was diagnosed 6 yrs ago with CRPS, a rare disorder that is thought to be a malfunctioning of the Iimmune and sympathetic nervous system. Kathy went on the show The Doctors Variety network 5 yrs ago to get help. They had 5 specialist try and help her for the last 5 yrs with little to no relief.  The MJ'S Protocol was able to reduce her swelling and pain in 3 months as you can see in the before and after photos.

Chandra M. CRPS & Menopause

Sept 19, 2019



2016 brought challenges I was not prepared to tackle. If it were not for MJ'S products I don’t believe I would be walking to date. I have CRPS, RA and Fibromyalgia. I fell in 2016, which resulted in a CRPS flair in my left foot and ankle. I remained in a wheelchair for 7 months post fall. I began using MJ'S Topicals & C Therapy during this healing process. Due to it’s healing benefits, I was able to rise up and prove the doctors wrong. 


I also have issues from menopause. Using 333 vaginally made sex a possiblity again. The pain is less and I am able to tolerate the experience, where as before, it was unbearable.


Thank you to Joe, for helping me heal and regain pieces of my life I had lost. I can’t thank you enough. Your product is liquid gold. I feel so much gratitude towards those who led me to you.


Chandra M.

MJ'S Loves our Special Needs Stories

My Testimonial,



“I have been caring for my Special Needs sister for the last eight years. She has been on anti-anxiety, anti-depression and mood swing medications for the last two decades. A team of doctors and I have tried multiple combinations and doses of these medications to help manage her symptoms. During this time, she has become angry and withdrawn while on these medications. Also, there have been times when the medications have made her symptoms worse, and she has become non-verbal and catatonic depressed. 


I started giving her the MJ’S CBD Daily & C Therapy serums, and within a week, she has become calm, good-natured, sleeps better, and she is talking a lot. The change in my sister has been miraculous, and she has zero side effects, unlike the pharmaceutical medications. Also, it is very important to me that the CBD oils that I give my sister are of the best and highest quality, and I have found that with the MJ’S Brand.


 Thank you, MJ’S for helping my sister and our family!”



Thank you,


Katie Brown

Heidi Penman

 Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer Warrior

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 4.07.17 PM.png
" Pancreatic cancer has become a part of my life as of July, 2018. 
I've quickly learned that where I thought cancer was a similar journey for many patients,
is actually a very unique experience for each one of us.  

September 2018 a good friend of mine guided me to Joe and he quickly guided me through the consult. I implemented the cannabis protocol with my new chemotherapy plan I truly believe that the blends have helped me to begin to beat the odds. CT scans have shown over the last 6 months my tumor is shrinking, my liver lesions are smaller and my overall tumor markers have decreased from 285 to 11 as shown on my latest blood work.  I am growing hair on chemotherapy, slowly, but it's there.  My appetite has significantly increased as well as my overall well being.  I clearly noticed that when I was traveling recently, and unable to take my daily blend, that I just simply didn't feel as well.  
Pancreatic cancer has 9%, 5-year survival rate.  I will continue to learn each day how to beat these odds.   However, based on my personal experience with the cannabis blend that I am receiving through Joe, on my feeling of well being, pain reduction, tumor shrinkage, hair growth, appetite and tumor marker numbers decreasing, something profound is happening and I believe my cannabis blend is critical to this plan of recovery from pancreatic cancer.

Ben Krasniak

MJ'S SUPER STAR Autism Epilepsy Warrior 

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 2.00.00 PM.png
Big Ben making memories at his prom.  MJ
ben fair.jpg
April 16,2016  "It was nice to see Ben's story on Facebook. He continues to get better every week and now he's on half his seizure meds he was on three months ago. He's gained 6 lbs and his blood panels have completely turned around which is a complete miracle. He started in his walker about 5 yrs ago but couldn't use his left leg. He was dragging it. He hasnt been in his walker in two yrs until last week and he amazed us. Look at him at his prom friday night. Now he's running around everywhere. It's just unbelievable. Thank you
August 11, 2018  "Ben continues to improve. His neurologist said his change is remarkable and to continue his protocol."
August 13, 2018 "Wow. Ben's labs continue to improve. This is the first time in his life he has not been protien deficient in his little life. Thank you."

Sally Beelner

Metastatic Lung  Cancer

Achilleus "Killy" Budgen 

Pediatric Brain Cancer Warrior


_He's doing really well..He hasn't had a
Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 8.34.27 PM.png
“Thank you so much for the amazing medicine. ‘Killy’ is using both CBD Daily & C Therapy for his pain as well as CannaHeal Topical for his headaches & neuropathy. He hasn’t had a day of pain since we started. He asks for his medicine before bed because it helps him sleep. MJS Therapy 333 has been keeping him asleep all night and he wakes up well rested & still pain free! THANK YOU MJS You’ve given us a chance to hear him say  “It’s all gone” instead of 'it’s a little better' when asked about his pain." Mother, Amanda S

Dakota Star

Elhers Danlos Syndrome

 'EDS' Warrior 

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 3.24.56 PM.png
"It’s fun to be unique
but not so fun being unique in the medical world.
I struggle with so many rare conditions and odd symptoms.
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) affects me the most.
This condition is a connective tissue disorder affecting 
your lungs, joints, skin, nerves etc.
On my path to hope I discovered MJS 
to help with the pain, spasms, and so much more.
MJS gave me more than hope, it gave me my life back.
I’ve been using the products for two and half years now
and it’s the main medicine I rely on. 
Thank you MJS!"
Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 1.24.36 PM.png

The Kaeo Family

Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

Grandma Kaeo.jpg

July 2018 my grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and had a tumor the size of a grapefruit in her uterus. Her doctors said that chemo would not work and she had until Christmas to live. My aunt is an MD and pushed chemo on grandma while the rest of the family supported cannabis treatment. Aunt is "anti-cannabis." Joe set our family up with an aggressive cannabis regiment and grandma used it right along side her chemotherapy. Christmas was coming very soon and she seemed to be declining rapidly. With so many negative side effects of the chemo, the only light in the darkness was her cannabis regiment. It eased her pain and nausea dramatically and even allowed her to sleep and eat the entire time. She was actually hungry during her chemo because of the cannabis. She clung to it, carefully dosing herself accordingly every step of the way and I truly believe it wouldn't have worked unless she followed it carefully. 


After her chemo treatment was complete around January 2019 all we could do was wait. Grandma started feeling much better beginning of the year enough for all the family to plan a huge cruise to Mexico together early April. We knew her time with us was precious and we hoped she continued to feel good until the cruise date.


End of April her PET scan came back negative for any sign of cancer. MD Aunt credited the chemo for the results while the rest of the family stands by cannabis. Needless to say family arguments are frequent regarding grandmas further treatment as the battle between cannabis and pharma continues.


Shout out to MJ wellness for everything and we will be returning for future issues.


Best Regards and Aloha,

Chris & Tiffany McDonald

From 2400 to 284

Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Tif 2.jpg

My wife Tiffany has one of the rarest froms of Pancreatic Cancer. One in 10 million. We have been taking MJ'S products for two yrs now and her markers have gone from 2400 to 284. 

Carson & Camille Jones     Autism- ADHD 


MJS Wellness has changed our lives for the better! Our 14 year old son with Autism, ADHD & a severe learning disability has thrived on MJS Wellness! Carson has been off all pharma drugs & only on MJS Wellness & thriving now for over a year! He is more focused, less stressed, more motivated, happier & wanting to do better while on MJS & off the pharma drugs! We couldn't be happier & our friends & family have noticed the huge improvement in Carson's behavior. MJS's Wellness has been life changing for our son with Autism & we are so grateful for the positive changes! Thank you MJS Wellness for all that you have done & continue to do!

Carson & Camille.jpg

Amy & Greg Catterton  Metastatic Bone Cancer   “My wife has had tremendous results in fighting her bone cancer with these products. She has cut her fentanyl patch use by 40% in 30 days. If anyone has any questions as to the effectiveness of these products, please ask us or my wife for her firsthand experience and me after seeing my wife become herself again after terrible tolls of chemo. These people offer life changing products that greatly increases the quality of my wife's daily life as both wife and mother to 5 children."

Bud Coale - San Diego CA         Squamous Cell Carcinoma & skin cancer         January 2016

I was compelled to write & tell you all about my success with using C Therapy & CBD Daily. I am a 70 yr old stage 4 cancer survivor thanks to your miracle products.  I had squamous cell carcinoma & had undergone surgery & chemo to remove tumors from my neck. Unfortunately, they did not get all of the cancer & it came back. By luck, chance or the will of God, I met the man who makes this product. After 2 months using the tinctures my scans  revealed that all my squamous cell tumors were gone in my neck. I also had skin cancer appear during this time, with direct application of the oil to my skin cancers they disappeared after 3 weeks! You have provided me with a tool to heal myself that they failed to do, with no side effects. My cancer remains in remission & I believe your product is the reason. Thank you for providing me with what our family is calling “the Miracle”.  Bud Coale

Vey Linville –  San Diego           COPD /Emphysema                June 2016

I am writing to let you know about my truly surprising results using C Therapy. I have been using cannabis in various forms and formats therapeutically for more than 8 years. In that time I have consumed several pound equivalents, as a low estimate, including several rounds of RSO. Imagine my surprise when a trivial amount of your product provided me with different results. Although cannabis has undoubtedly saved my life, I still have challenges. When I get up in the morning, I am horribly sick.  I choke, gag & heave, struggle to breathe.  It can go on for 2 hours & it leaves me exhausted. I used one spray of C Therapy before bed without expecting any particular result. I wasn't sick the next morning, I started doing it every night for a week. 90% of my morning problems were gone. I forgot one night, sick again the next morning. Back on, better again! You have both helped me and my family so much that it is hard for me to express. You are absolutely helping people Thank you both so much, you have made a friend for life, Vey Linville

Dr . K      Radiologist - Orange County, CA   Bladder/Skin Cancer                          January  2017

In September of 2015, I was diagnosed with stage 1 bladder cancer and carcinoma skin cancer. After what was supposed to be a simple procedure, the surgeon nicked my bladder while administering chemo which resulted in sepsis infection throughout my body. None of the antibiotics worked. The hole in my bladder would not heal. After exhausting all options, my cousin referred me to MJS Wellness to try their cannabis therapies. I’ve been a radiologist for 30 yrs dealing with cancer patients everyday. I never considered using cannabis therapeutically until I met Joe & Ash. They actually spent two hours consulting me and were very informative regarding the protocol. I was a skeptic. But no more. In two and half months using the protocol daily in low dose, my bladder healed, my infection was gone, the catheter was removed and the skin cancers on my head disappeared. I am now back to work and have no sign of cancer in my body. Thank you both for providing these therapies to me. Im eternally grateful.  Dr. K

Eienna G. - Daly City, CA Childhood Epilepsy- Absence Seizure         January 2017

Good morning Joe. Happy New Year. I am happy to say Melody has gone Seizure free since Jan 2nd. We have started this year great. I thank you for introducing the cod into our lives. Melody says she finally is starting to feel like a normal teenager. Thank you for helping our family. 

Allissa Gabriel  

Cystic Fibrosis

_shinefoundation_cannacolor Greatful for
The 333 works wonders for her pain, MJ'S is our Hero.

Jordan Laub South Lake Tahoe CA      Stage 4 Glioblastoma Tumor                             May  2016

On March 25, 2016 my father was diagnosed with a Stage 4 Glioblastoma, the size of a golf ball, located just above the left temporal lobe. The original diagnosis was that it was inoperable, and that we were to enjoy what little time we had left. 

 During that time before the surgery, which lasted roughly two weeks, my father declined daily. His expressive aphasia worsened, his balance decreased, his strength evaporated. My father was withering. My father was dying. The brutally regimented steroids that he was prescribed (4 Dexamethasone every two hours) were slowly inching him back to life, but it was beyond difficult to see such a strong man suffer to regain normal functioning. It was devastating to the family, and to him. We feared this was our new normality, and that this state was the best we could achieve, that is until we received the topical and oral CBD Daily & C Therapy from MJS. I have always been a skeptic of homeopathic medicine. I perceived its reputation to be overhyped and its science unfounded. I am proud to declare I am no longer a skeptic of CBD. While he was on CBD Daily, his balance was restored, his speech returned, he glowed like he did while he was happy. He came back within hours of his first dosage. His expressive aphasia didn't seem to be the enormous obstacle it was prior to CBD. On days we treated our father with CBD, he returned to us, happy, glowing and functioning, on days we did not he slipped back into the cancerous ether, struggling for control. CBD Daily truly is a miracle. Please, give it a shot. When every second counts, full vitality is invaluable. 

Signed, Jordan Laub, the son of a cancer survivor

Brian Warren  Gout                                     GOT GOUT?

I got my first case of gout about 20 years ago at age 35. My understanding is that it's passed down from your father genetically, and its a form of arthritis. It's been a real thorn in my side.

I'm active and have a decent diet but no matter what,as the years have progressed, I've gotten gout more and more often throughout the year. My Doctor prescribed indomethacin for when I have a flareup. It takes a couple days before it helps much. (It also makes me dizzy and sleepy).
I've been prescribed Prednisone now. It helps faster, but is a Steroid, and should be used with caution-(Not on a regular basis).


Recently I was gifted a cannabis infused CBD/THC extract at a reunion. The timing was perfect because I felt my ankle starting to lock up after a long flight!!.  I used several squirts of the extract two times over about a six hour period that night.  To my amazement when I woke up in the morning my ankle felt fine!!   I've tried just about everything over the last couple decades, Turmeric, fish oil, and living on celery and cucumbers but this product, I am convinced, is the answer to "living gout free".
I've been using it for over a month now with no flareups!! Through the holiday season no less. I've even drank beer on several occasions which is supposed to be a "no-no" If you have gout.


Big Thanks to Joe G and MJS
Loving the CBD Extract (this stuff is for real!)
Aloha Nui ,
Brian Warren

Patti Murphy

Husbands Neuropathy & Feline Cancer

Swipe to hear her testimonial🌱 _pattimc




Mr Garcia. Throat Cancerphoto.jpg
Mr Garcia .jpg



On July 10th of last year, my daughter reached out to MJS Wellness to give  Cannaheal, C-Therapy, CBD Daily & CB2 a shot for my father.  Cannaheal instantly became my dads most useful method of pain reliever.  I started massaging his back daily with Cannaheal, he has also been taking CBD Daily and faithfully. 


Massaging my dad with Cannaheal has taken the pain away from his neck, back and leg. He says the pain is practically gone! He too calls it a MIRACLE CREAM. 


Two months ago, we got the miraculous news that his throat cancer was in remission. The chemo and radiation was not giving us this result. They, the hospital, only wanted to make him more comfortable, not cure him. We didn’t want that. My father is a fighter and at 84, he continues to take MJS products daily. I, 


WE, can’t thank you enough for this blessing. You are a HERO for creating these amazing products and lifelines.  May God Bless you always 🙏💙

Matt Miller

Cerebral Palsy 

"MJS CBD Daily is the only thing that makes me feel chill." 

Severe COPD & Bronchial Constriction

Addelyn Parker

Red Light. Green Light.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 1.28.11 PM.png
"We started giving Addelyn CBD Daily when she was put on an academic probation for not cooperating with her instructors. 
She would come home with daiiy reports of her behavior with all 'Red Lights' in every category.  
After implementing a low dose of CBD Daily we started receiving 'Green Light' reports from her teachers. Today she is in the third grade, excelling in her studies and even receiving awards for her Awesome Artistic Talent.  She takes 3 pumps in the morning and 3 in the evening before bed. She also uses the CannaHeal Topical and we have successfully treated her athletes foot condition with diligent use every night for 3 weeks." 

Don & Glenda Morse


Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 11.20.00

Jodi Kaye

Chronic Pain


Jen & Cyndi 




Collective Patient

Mother used CBD Daily & CTherapy for Breast Cancer

April Blundell 

 MJS CBD Daily for

Metastisized Stage 4 Breast Cancer 

_This is the very specific oil that was

Tim Link 

Multiple Sclerosis 

_timrlink MJS CBD DAILY #CerebralPalsy #

Jeff Ross Fallbrook CA       Bone Infection 

I was scheduled to have my toe amputated due to an infection that had reached the bone. None of the medications my doctor prescribed had any effect. I decided to try the MJs C Therapy & CannaHeal topical as a last resort. Within 1 month of topical and oral use, my toe infection had completely healed. I am so grateful to of tried this product, it saved my foot from amputation! Thank You, Jeff Ross


Mark Pauperas   — 5 star  Pain & Sleep     February 11, 2018  


Joe, it was great speaking to you yesterday, below is an excerpt from my father's original email (Oct 2017) to his his friends. I hope this helps out, C Therapy really helped my father, great stuff !



I could not sleep for 5 nights because of severe sciatica pain on my stroke affected side. To maneuver the stairs to go to a doctor or chiropractor was impossible. In desperation our son introduced me to C Therapy. I must say I felt the effect immediately; I got to sleep and the sciatica pain went slowly away. Just thinking about Julie’s struggle made me think about all in our Sharing Group who may have physical problems that the testimonials talk about. This C Therapy seems to work. This is my testimony.


Christine Warwick  recommends MJS    Plaque Psoriasis    August 27, 2018 · 


CANNAHEAL is a great product and I can't recommend it enough. All the benefit with no harmful side effects. I had pretty much given up on ever clearing my skin. Now I have hope to finally  to see the end of those psoriasis plauques.  At first I was skeptical, but I decided to try and see for myself.  Imagine my surprise after only a week to already see a reduction in the scales. After a month several of the areas are completely gone. The plaques are no longer raised and flaky. Just red spots that I am confident will fade in time. 

I am also using the C-Therapy to treat the inflammation from the inside. I take it in the evenings and I am able to relax and sleep through the night. I have noticed a reduction in my anxiety which I was diagnosed with in 1995. I am really happy with the results of using your products! Thank You

Juan RG reviewed MJS  — 5 star                           January 26, 2018 · 

I have suffered from knee, tibia & fibula pain from when I compound fractured my tib/fib. Since using CB2 & Cannaheal, I never notice when the pain is gone. I can still ride bmx and work a laborious job with no pain. I broke my leg in 2010 and I wish I had found MJS sooner. My anxiety is also non existent with C Therapy and CBD Daily. My mother has also been taking them as well for her anxiety. She also loves that it doesn’t not hinder her ability to function as she was expecting to be “high”. She’s a little old school so we did our research together for her. She also uses Cannaheal for her arthritis

Em Kaye reviewed MJS  — 5 star                              November 17, 2017  
Incredible products for healing and soothing. I have especially had success managing anxiety and depression with the help of the c therapy and cbd, but also treating pretty severe oral pain from some surgeries and adult braces. It literally kills the pain on contact. And also tastes good! We also love the cannaheal for skin issues and sore muscles. Amazing products!

Meredith Forsberg reviewed MJS — 5 star                June 3, 2018 · 

I can't say enough good things about these products and these people. Even as an experienced cannabis user I was new to everything else: tinctures, topicals, ect. Since meeting her, I have mastered my period cramps (and even came off my birth control) with help of their suppositories, I have my psoriasis under control with the product cannaheal, and my mood/mind is more stable with CTherapy. I've only been using it a week and a half and i already see a positive difference in myself. CTherapy has also cut my cannabis intake back at least a 1/3! Soon we are going to tackle coming off a opioid addiction medication (zubsolv) and I couldn't feel better or more safe knowing I've got MJS Therapeutics in my corner. 

At first I was really nervous to reach out, it was so new to me, the medical side. She was sooo welcoming and you can tell she cares SO much about each one of her patients. She takes time to listen to your specific needs and creates a treatment plan to cater to them, and trust me, it shows. I can't say enough good things about her or MJS products   THEY REALLY DO WORK. Keep blessing peoples lives y'all!  <3 I love you!!


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