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MJ'S  Brands offer unparalleled success with superior  efficacy and a proven track record that continue to deliver results.  


Our IP formulations, design, dose & delivery methods provide a unique proprietary blend of multi spectrum cannabinoid, terpene & flavanoid  rich profiles administered through multiple pathways in a precise measured dose.  


MJ'S is leading the way with a New Class of Therapeutic Cannabis protocols that provide all in one delivery in a single product. 

All In One - Multi Spectrum - Multi Pathway Delivery

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MJ'S Brands can only be purchased at legal licensed California Cannabis Stores or  Licensed Delivery Services. 

Camille & Carson


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Shannon Higdon MJ'S  Lung Cancer Warrior

"Just got the news that the tumor in my lung that was 3.6 x 3.2cm is NOW 13 x 9mm!!! That’s less than 1/3 what it originally was!!! The cancer is GONE in my right armpit, my neck, my ovary, and in my chest. I still have some activity in my left armpit, but the oncologist was shocked by my improvement. Everything I’m doing is fighting this beast!!! THANK YOU prayer warriors for lifting me up and helping me fight!! Thank you MJ'S for giving me the chance to beat this. The battle continues and I WILL PREVAIL! "

Update 1/28/2019

My Husband and I just got back from the oncologist where we received my PET scan lung is showing ZERO CANCER ACTIVITY!!! All that's left from the tumor that started all this madness is a scar. I still have some small activity in my armpit but with continued treatment, diet, excersize and supplents, I plan on sticking around for a long time. Am I healed, no. Am I kicking cancers ass? YES. I Will Prevail!" Shannon Higdon 

Dakota Star
Elhers Danlos
"It’s fun to be unique
but not so fun being unique in the medical world.
I struggle with so many rare conditions and odd symptoms.
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) affects me the most.
This condition is a connective tissue disorder affecting 
your lungs, joints, skin, nerves etc.
On my path to hope I discovered MJS 
to help with the pain, spasms, and so much more.
MJS gave me more than hope, it gave me my life back.
I’ve been using the products for two and half years now
and it’s the main medicine I rely on. 
Thank you MJS!"
Luke Z.
Non Verbal  Autism Warrior

11-20-2018 Luke has improved since taking MJS. His interaction with the family, playing with his brother, playing with the dogs he was deathly afraid of. He called me Mama for the first time in a year. 11-27 Said “Mommy, Daddy go up to loft”. 11-28 Brother came home he hugged and kissed him. He's so affectionate now with the whole family. He's using two word sentences. 12-7 In October he couldn't identify any word cards. Yesterday, he was able to identify 19/21 words and differentiate male and female and what activity is taking place. Thank You for this miracle. Everyday he shows us something new.

Update for the first time on Christmas he was actually interested in opening presents and we asked  him if he liked them and he replied in a full sentence "I like it" he asked for pizza the other day another full sentence "I want pizza" and yesterday came in to my room and said "I need help" to get him his ball. 



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